Illegal downloading is really a crime fort he creators of the thing you download. People pay millions of dollars to just invent to get paied back but you steal it. People that download free software’s are encouraging the act of illegal downloads. If people that invested a lot to make those software don’t get their money back they wont want to make anymore softwares. No1 will get any new stuff from these producers.

No there is a difference stealing is illegal. illegal downloading isn’t really illegal by law and people wont get in trouble for that. People that download the new stuff try to get it maybe cause they cant afford it but it doesn’t help. Only difference it is from stealing is that you wont need to go do to jail for this. Nobody knows who illegally uploaded the software or download it so nothing happens.



I plan on studying to become a computer major. This is a major that requires computers because you need a computer to program stuff. Another field I intend to study is physics. I might need the computers to do some work that helps me find information and use to excel to store data that I find in my research.


In computer major I plan on programming. I hope to be able to program software or make games that are fun. I hope to make these games cause I enjoy playing them and computers will help because they help me achieve the dreams of making a computer. For physics I can use the computer to do physics formulas and computer software to help calculate calculations.

Aaron swartz

He killed himself after he was prosecuted for 1 millions dollars and 35 years in prison after arrested by the MIT.  He was arrested for wire fraud, hacking academic journals and computer fraud and abuse act. He was denied a 2nd request for a pled deal and he hanged himself after a few days. This say sometimes the law of the internet might be too harsh or too ambiguous of the consequences that people do online. Sometimes computers laws can lead to the death of some people.


Stem is where people are educated in  of science, technology, engineering, and math. Stem is easier and better to get jobs overall because of a specific field of education the person has. When you are a STEM subject it is usually to get ahead and get a look at how the job is going to be like overall before you finish the education. People that are in these field should be able to find a job in demand because of increasing demands of that specific field. Now even the government has asked to train more of these stem subjects so it would be easier to get a job.

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In what ways can MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) change higher education? Can online education ever replace college (why or why not)?

Online college will never replace regular college while online college are only for people that cannot make it to college. Online colleges are just made for people that cannot devote more time to college and cannot actually go to college cause of work. It cannot change higher education because online colleges are based on more of self reading. When people look at the degrees they are likely to pick the person with a traditional degree rather than a person with a lot of online college degrees. The fact that its too easy to cheat on online colleges makes the degree not worth as much. So online college could not replace regular college.



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The U.S almost intervene with Syria due to the large supply of chemical weapons they own today. The U.S almost wanted to use a military action on Syria which could result in a big war and the usage of chemical weapons in this war. U.S suddenly did not intervene with Syria because of they have agreed to give up the chemical weapons that they own. U.S will also likely not intervene because they do not want to lose a lot of lives to intervene due to no chemical weapons Syria really own. Most of all U.S will not because they do not have a lot of to gain out of the invasion even if it succeed.


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Government shutdown

The government is now in a shutdown cause Obama would not negotiate his healthcare plans. The republicans think he is just keeping the shutdown this way so he can get what he wants and doesn’t need to change any part of his health care plan. Democrats and Obama are standing firm on not changing the health care law and it would cost the government millions if they press the health care law. This would cause the government to be in more of a deficit than it already is and they cannot hold this off at the way the economy is now. Without the republicans funding this plan it would not go into progress also so if this continues the plan might just cause a bigger problem than it needs to be


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