OutSourcing is bad for the over all us because it takes jobs away from those that in need of the job and makes the people wages in U.S worst. Jobs that go outside tend be cheaper because labor is cheaper is outside of the states. Companies that give jobs usually want to get their work done for cheaper. But they don’t see people that buy their products are also from the states if they don’t get the jobs  to pay for these stuff they wont be able to continue to sell also.

It is not meaning less to me because I am a college student. When I come out of college I hope to find a job and not one that I have to do for lower wage cause it can be done outside for a cheaper rate. If it can be done for a cheaper rate then I wont be paied as much. To the U.S it just affects the economy over all. People get lower wages the economy goes down because people cant afford to buy luxury items.



Google glasses are a new form of a wearable computer. It is basically just a computer that u put on your eyes another type of a smart phone but just a more fancier version. This is probably the direction that technology is heading as people care more and more about fancy technology and will buy them more than others. These glasses and watches are basically something that looks really good but can actually do the same thing a smart phone or a android.

Some benefits of having these technology is to know what your doing and what is needed to be done with a computer next to you. The con sides to these objects are privacy. You are basically telling your location every where you go. There would be no privacy left as people will just message you wherever you go. People will not be able to enjoy an hour or two of no one bothering them with the increase temptation of these technology that leads to no privacy

Private info

Information should always be private. People sharing other people information is always wrong. There are some people that want to hide some information that are important so if you spread it the person will be in trouble probably. Some people might leave information for only you to see but you spread it out so it isn’t fair.

There is a problem is corporation or government publishing info because some have no right to do. Corp publish info that are mostly beneficial to them and harmful to others same as the government. They try to implant a idea to someone’s mind and to benefit themselves. So this might be a problem if information is private